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Midweek Devotionals

Published weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Midweek Devotional 5/5/2015

Robert Chen

Dear Church,

Jo Malone, of the fragrance fame, was interviewed by Nicky Gumble, leader of Holy Trinity Brompton.

Amazing woman, especially given her difficult background. Put food on the family's table since the age of 12. By 14-15 she had dropped out of school to work -- sell her father's paintings, assist a magician, and help make creams for her mother who worked for Revlon.

As a teenager while in London one summer working in a flower shop during a lunch break she went to hear a speaker whom she did not know who changed her life -- Jackie Pullinger. (Pullinger is a Spirit-filled missionary who did ministry with gang members in Hong Kong.)  Jo accepted the Lord then and her life got forever changed.

As we know, Jo Malone became a famous brand and by 37 Jo Malone was at the upper crest of her wealth and celebrity, when, one day, while taking a shower in a New York hotel she discovered 2 - 3 lumps in her breast. She was told by her doctor to get her life in order, for the cancer she had was a very aggressive form.

Jo never asked, "Why?" Never asked, "Why me?" She had a two year old son and she wanted to live. She actually said that she chose to live!

With chemo and the Lord's healing presence, Jo Malone recovered.

She sold her brand (her name) to Estée Lauder. Now she has started again with Jo Loves.

Nicky asked what qualities mark her as a leader and person.

Jo mentioned three: passion, resilience, and creativity. Despite failures, you wipe your tears and get up again. And creativity grows as you get inspired, which is brain-science true, the area in our brain, the hippocampus, containing both these areas close to each other with neurons connecting the two areas. 

May the Lord release greater passion, resilience, and creativity into your soul and brain!